Mel Street & Gary Stewart

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Mel Street & Gary Stewart

Post by rogeliod on Fri Jan 09, 2015 5:02 pm

What a wonderful and amazing resource this site offers. You are truly doing God's work, selflessly making the world undeniably better and more beautiful. You have a great selection of albums and artists here. However, two artists I would love to see here, and which I have had trouble finding in other places, are Mel Street and Gary Stewart. I recently acquired an unopened copy of Mel Street's last album on vinyl (released just after he died in 1978), and I would be happy to convert it to mp3 or flac and give it you so you can share it. None of his albums have been reissued on CD, and it is a true shame. Keep doing what you're doing, for it is such a wonderful thing to do.


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